Born in Pasadena, California George Nader knew that he wanted to be an actor. He was gifted with the looks and he learnt the talent. Nader was part of Hollywood in its both black and white and Technicolor phase. Some of his famous Technicolor movies are Lady Godiva of Coventry, The Unguarded Moment, Congo Crossing, Away All Boats and Carnival Story among others.

George Nader was signed up by Universal Studios at a time when they were aggressively experimenting with color cinemascope and contrasting black and white. Nader even though was billed as a B-grade actor got a chance to star in a number of Technicolor movies.

Usually Nader was billed after other beefcake actors like Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler and Tony Curtis who were already well established with the audience. One of his most stellar performances is in the movie ‘Away all Boats’ where he is starred after Jeff Chandler.

During this time he also appeared on ‘Four Guns to the Border’ where he is billed after Rory Calhoun and Colleen Miller. Nader played the part of ‘Bronco’ and gave such a stellar performance that he even received an award for it. He won the Golden Globe for being the ‘Most Promising Newcomer’.

These were the high points in Nader’s life. Sadly, soon after his career started to decline and he was reduced with a tag of B-grade star. Not one to be disheartened, Nader appeared in multiple TV shows. His most famous TV appearances are in ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’ and ‘The Pepsi Cola Playhouse’ among others.

There were many other Technicolor movies which George Nader was part of. ‘Zigzag’ was a movie shot in Philippines by director Ronald Remy in 1963. Nader received a nomination of FAMAS award for this movie. By this time Nader was well established in the hearts of people. He was among the only actors who would come on screen with his chest hair intact. He also ensured his physique stayed in top condition with regular swimming and weight lifting.

George Nader did many other Technicolor movies throughout his career. He played a part in comedies, thrillers and even horrors. His best roles were performed in war movies. Nader’s ‘Nowhere to Go’ was awarded a standing ovation in the 1st Annual Palm Springs Festival as well.