George Nader was a fantastic classic hero from the early 50s to late 70s. He was among the few talented actors who never shirked from a role. His story is a beautiful rag to riches marvel. Nader was a theatre actor who did not leave any stones unturned to get his foot into Hollywood. His final big break was with one of the worst movies ever made called ‘Robot Monster’ which got him a contract with Universal Pictures.

Robot Monster was made in 1953 by director Phil Tucker in a Black and White cinemascope. The movie starred George Nader in a starring role against George Barrows who was the monster in a monkey suit with antennas. This was among the first starring roles done by George Nader. The beauty of this black and white feat lies in its being completed in just 4 days on a budget of $16,000. What’s more! The movie made a whopping million dollar on the box office.

Needless to say, Nader came in the eyes of many production studios of the time and was picked up successfully by Universal Studios. Here he was billed after actors like Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler and Tony Curtis.

Another ‘black and white’ marvel which many George Nader movies buff would appreciate is ‘The Female Animal’. Directed by Harry Keller, ‘The Female Animal’ bills Nader in third spot after Hedy Lamarr and Jane Powell. The plot is simple yet packs a powerful sexual punch. The beauty of this cinematography is in the usage of very high contrast black and white.

There are many scenes in ‘The Female Animal’ with George Nader which film noir experts have lauded. The storyline in itself is around the character of Hedy Lamarr who has it in for the shirtless character played by George Nader. Least to say, this black and white movie provides a glorious trip to old school cinema. Nader’s performance in this flick is called as one of his strongest performance ever.

Another enterprising black and white escapade played by George Nader is in a series of German films from his stint abroad in the early 70s. His character ‘Jerry Cotton’ who was a FBI Operator became instantaneously famous with International audience. George Nader played in 8 movies of the franchise. Even today Jerry Cotton movies are a regular on German TV.